We believe in people

We come from all over the world, but we share an inspiring vision: “to create a better everyday life for the many people”.

Our culture is based on the spirit of togetherness, enthusiasm and fun. We’re always looking for people who share our positive attitude and values. People who have the desire to learn and grow personally and professionally right along with our business.

What is your passion?


You’re a born negotiator. You work to maximize what suppliers can provide at the lowest possible prices while assuring safe and sustainable sourcing at all times. Most importantly: you build mutually beneficial partnerships for the long term. Want to make a deal?


You love a puzzle and look for ways to make things smarter, safer and more user-friendly. You enable efficient product development and production. Are you eager to find a better way?


You source the world! You make sure that the supplier has goods ready in time and that our products are available for our customer at the store. It’s a collaborative work full of ongoing challenges. Do you want to work on continuous improvement?

Stories of our Employees


Freedom under responsibility. Enable change and make a visible difference are my core leading stars when I go to work every morning. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of different people in IKEA, from Ingvar Kamprad himself down to breaking in new employees. I went through variety of methods of doing business – developing small companies to building new factories – this made me grow in all dimensions. Reflect once in a while on the testament of a furniture dealer, it’s still working after 40 years!



My journey in IKEA started 9 years ago in purchasing area.
From the first day at the office I felt like among the friends, so many different types of personalities with different experience, nationalities so diverse that was easy to fit in.
Doing business with suppliers means that you are developing a partnership with suppliers which is super challenging and interesting way of working. It is not only about purchasing but also about creating the trust, working on weaknesses and share common business directions with your suppliers.
I very appreciate in IKEA that I’m not working alone but with micro teams, teams and categories. My colleagues became my friends and it is not only about the business but also the fun.
My colleagues, managers in IKEA helped and supported me to develop my skills, experience and allowed me to make mistakes. I still feel the energy, enjoy doing business with great colleagues and I’m happy to be part of the company which improves home as the most important place for people.



The most important step was that I joined IKEA in 2013 and started this beautiful and challenging journey. After working in logistic I changed the position to Business Developer and started to discover another area and develop cooperation with our Business Partners from different point of view. What I appreciate the most are – endless possibilities for personal & business development, leading of global projects, meeting new people with different competences & learning every day!



I am in charge of the quality of fittings used in our products, and sometimes I think about those thousands of customers who buy the products in the IKEA stores and later they assemble it. I recognize my work as a contribution to how easy or difficult this task is, which I think is a good reason to feel fulfilled by my work.



I like the company culture and its unique atmosphere as well as a perfect balance between the office work and travelling – mainly to our suppliers. It gives me a frequent contact with reality in companies producing our furniture.



I joined IKEA Purchasing office on a Business support position, where I supported my team with operational tasks and help them cope with admin issues. After 1 year I took up an opportunity and moved to a Supply planner role. Communication with business partners and colleagues across business units was a big challenge for me. Later I took up even bigger challenge of becoming a mum and left the office for 1 and half year. After this time, I was happy to be offered part time job and now I share my position with another colleague who is also on the parental leave. Not only we share the job assignment and responsibilities but also enthusiasm, knowledge and fun. We can both work and use the advantage of flexibility that enables us to spend time with our families.


Be yourself with us

This is a place where you can focus on doing what you love. There are no dress codes or closed offices. No day is ever the same. All ideas are welcome. Everyone tries to pitch in when needed, and failures are seen as a way of learning. Are you ready to make the world a little better, together?

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